Santoni was founded in 1919 in Brescia as the first Italian socks machine manufacture. At the end of the 80s, it joined the Lonati Group - world leader in the production of socks and pantyhose machines - which was pioneering and mastering earlier than anyone else the synergies between textile, mechanics and electronics. Notably, 1996 had witnessed the Knitting industry revolution when Santoni unveiled the “Seamless” by introducing the first electronic knitting machine for the production of garments. Throughout the 90s, the company expanded further its horizons penetrating the large diameter segment and delivering new inspirational products to the most renewed fabric producers. On the year 2007, another breakthrough technology was delivered, when the launch of the “Sinkerless” concept opened the door to frontiers never even imagined before. A superfine 80G fabric is the touchable evidence of the company mission to drive the world of knitters a step ahead. Nurturing the idea of rooting its presence in the heart of the new millennium knitting “movement”, Santoni lands in Asia (China), with locally focus operations by setting up in 2004, Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. Inspire and team with the most renowned leaders of the industry is the Company commitment achieved by offering the broadest coverage of machineries for the production of knitted fabric and garments in many diversified segments among which the functional garments represents the ultimate trend.